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What book can I read over and over again? Day – 18

My oh My… It’s Fridaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay… I’m so excited to go home and not think about work for the next 7 days! Can’t wait to wash and hide my work clothes for a week lol… I really enjoy this 30 day blog challenge!

About today’s challenge: What book can I read over and over? Well I like to read as you know by now. I always had a Mills and Boon  book in my bag to read… But as I was getting older I realized that love in Mills and Boon and real life is different. There is always a happy ending, well back to reality not always a happy ending.

In school I was obsessed with Oliver Twist. I read that book over and over again. Oh and Matilda that was my favorite books to read as a child.

23 Years old and what do I read ? Well nowadays I want to read something and get a message from it. Yes I can read all the Mills and Boon there is available but what will the message be? Looking for love in all the wrong places? No for myself I want something that I can always take with me.

So this is what I would read over and over again My Bible (Job)…

Job this is one of my favorite chapters. When I started with Job I had to read the whole chapter. Miss T ( Born free with T ) asked me what is my favorite chapter and after I told her why I like it so much she also read it. The next day we had a long discussion about it…

I love how Job had Faith when he literally lost everything! His wife encourages him to curse God and to give up and die, but Job refuses.

Like I said I would read something and expect a message from it. And this is what I get by reading my Bible. Whenever I read my Bible I get a message from it and sometimes it’s something so small but in the long run it really helps me.

This is what I would read over and over again… : )

30 Day Blog Challenge

My highs and lows of this past year… Day-17

Heyyyy bloggers… Thursday today only one more day to go then I’m on leave for the next 7 days and I can’t wait! The weather in Sandton is so ice cold 9°C ☃. I just can’t wait to get home and enjoy a long hot bubble bath with Milo… I came home to this last night, Milo warm water bottle and he even had a movie on Dear John.

The bad – About today’s challenge, I really had to think hard about this. Because so much happened, good and bad so I really had no idea where to begin. But I learned a lesson through it all! Lets start with the Lows…

Beginning of this year we had a family break away. So we all love fishing, both families came together. We had like a 2 week Vacation and the last two days things just got a bit weird. I’m not sure what exactly happened but my dad and grandma got into a fight. The vibe between everyone changed instantly and believe me when I say they both are very stubborn. It took about 4 months for them to get over it and move on. I can’t stand it when there is a bad vibe. I love my granny so much and it really hurt to see them not talking to each other… I’m so glad they made up and everything is back to normal! Fighting in the family is never nice and I can’t stand it… for some this might be “lame” if I can use the word lame, but fighting breaks me down!


The Good – This must be moving in with Rudie! I know I know I did a blog post about this already . But this is something that made me so happy. Before we moved in together I think our relationship was different. With different I mean we had to call each other or text and sometimes video call. If one of us had a bad day there was no way I could just wrap my arms around him and say it’s okay, because we both lived with our parents. We didn’t see each other as often as we would liked to because of work. We only saw each other on weekends or maybe 1 or 2 hours during the week, if we were lucky. Now I can just be like peek a boo either in the bedroom kitchen or lounge and guess what Rudie will be there! Spending everyday with Rudie is the best! Sometimes it’s like I’m dreaming I just can;t explain how happy he makes me.

Blogging buddy Born free with T check out what she’s up to!

Whats your highs and lows of this year?



30 Day Blog Challenge

Old picture of myself and the story behind it. Day – 16

Our 30 day Blog Challenge is still going strong. I really enjoy every blog post so far! Please check out Born free with T

Photos photos and more photossssssssssss 📸  📸 📸

There is something about looking back at old photos that makes me so HAPPY! To see how people have changed over the years is amazing. Looking back at old pictures can entertain me for hours, I can stare at one photos for 15 minutes and inspect every little thing on the photo. It’s like I can zoom in and spot every detail.

2007 family photo
2007 family photo

Long school skirt, shirt always tucked in white socks and black shoes… My hair was always in a low pony tail or a simple french braid.

This Photo is 10 years old! This was way back in 2007 (Final year of Primary School Grade 7) this was right after I was announced as RCL – Representative Council of Learners… I really thought I wouldn’t  be part of the 2007 RCL team, all because my name was called last.

When I heard my name I was on cloud nine! I really didn’t care if my name was called first or last I was part of the RCL team and that’s all I cared about.

Looking back at this photo is actually sad. 10 years is gone just like that I can’t go back and do things differently (I wish I could though) but really time flies!

2014 Family photo
2014 Family photo
2017 family photo
2017 family photo


30 Day Blog Challenge

15 Interesting fact about myself. Day 15

Heyyyy bloggers🙋… The past two days was so relaxing at home. I so needed the rest but tomorrow is back to work again…

Walking around in a nursery was so calming pretty flowers and trees everywhere 🌹🌸🌼🌴🌲…

Today’s challenge is 15 interesting facts about myself:

  • I hate tomatoes
  • I can play Piano
  • I can’t fall asleep without socks.
  • I can’t swim / only doggy paddle
  • I love reading
  • Love baking
  • Obsess with fish especially Guppies
  • I had braces for almost 3 years
  • I cracked my pinky finger on my second visit to Rudie
  • I went to Sunday School for 10 years every Sunday, and was a Sunday School teacher for 2 years
  • I love girly stuff but only wear makeup on special occasions
  • I can fall asleep within 3 minutes
  • Can’t eat chicken off the bone
  • I don’t like cats
  • I don’t like peas

This is 15 facts abouy myself… Until tomorrow happy blogging😀

30 Day Blog Challenge

What is my earliest memory? Day – 14

Lucky number 14 only 17 days to go… Mixed emotion about this blog challenge coming to an end… But lets enjoy the next topic, what is my earliest memory??

Hmmm some people can remember from the age of 3? That is something I can’t do I forget easy about stuff yes yes I know that’s a bad thing. I’m just not good with remembering everything.

So I guess my earliest memory would be my pre- school concert… I was about 5 years old. I remember my mother dropping me off at school every morning and me begging her to take me home with her. I hated pre-school so much. Lunch time my grandparents would visit us through the fence and that made everything even worse! Not long after we had our concert to end our year off and yessss I was the daddy duck with 3 baby ducks😂😂…

I never knew my parents had a video of the concert and when I was about 18 I saw it for the first time, and I was so shocked haha… That was just so funny I really have no word to describe it.IMG_20170814_201930

Photos of the past is memories for tomorrow!



30 Day Blog Challenge

Where would you like to visit one day? Day – 13

What a Sunday, so much fun at work! And now time for a long bubble bath just to relax. Day 13, where would you like to visit / stay one day? I knew this without even thinking twice! This is my dream to visit Bora Bora!!!😁😁 I’m so excited about this blog post let’s start…

This is definitly a vacation I hope in the next 5 years or maybe hmmm honeymoon??? Either way I’ll be so excited!


Ever since I heard my sister and cousin talking about Bora Bora I was hooked. First I thought wow, sometimes your imagination is wayyyy better than reality! I over heard their conversation about this amazing place clear blue water, clean white beach, coconut trees and over the water bungalows, and I thought yes this place is nonexistent…

Latet on in high school I had to do a holiday get away task, and I remember the words Bora Bora.

Immediately I did research on Bora Bora and I couldn’t believe my eyes😱! I was shocked to see how beautifulbeautiful it truly is! So picture perfect.

Bora Bora is a island group in the Leeward group in the western part of the society islands of French Polynesia, an overseas collectivity of France and the Pacific Ocean.

Bora Bora is a major international tourist destination, famous for it’s aqau-centric luxury resorts. Hotel Bora Bora opened in 1961, and 9 years later build the first over the water bungalows on stilts over the lagoon. Today, over the water bungalows are a standard feature of most Bora Bora resorts.


The thing I like the most is no public transport! Only rental cars and bicycles are allowed oh and a motorboat! This is so freaken cool!

When, yes when not if when… I do go to Bora Bora I’ll definitely do snorkeling and scuba diving.

I can’t think of any other place that gets me this excited!! Perfect perfect perfect… So this is this place I’d like to visit!

Blue lagoon and white sandy beaches… Ohhhh my I can’t wait😁☺


30 Day Blog Challenge

About my family💚 Day 12

Today’s challenge is all about my family. In previous blogs I spoke about my family in bits and pieces. So today I can introduce my family to you☺

Our family is very close. We like to plan road trips, vacations and special occasions together. Both my mom and dad are from big families so there is a lot of aunt’s and uncle’s… Don’t even get me started on all the cousins.

Lets start of with my dad… My dad is the second youngest of 4… My aunt Lizette, Belinda my dad and his younger brother Hansie. My dad lost his dad at the age of 22. My dad had to be strong for my Grandma and his younger brother, so he was basically the man of the house. Later on my Grandma got married again and her second husband was very sick and he passed on in 2015.

On my dad’s side of the family my Granny have 5 grandchildren. Myself, Brandon, Monique (my sister) Dylan and CJ

Mom’s side of the family… My mom is the youngest of 6 children. My mom’s parents started a family when the were both 20 years old they had 6 children in 10 years. Nicky, Gert, Johannes, Magrietha, Elize and Allet (my mommy)… Johannes my mom’s youngest brother was killed just after he turned 21. My mom was only 16 back then.

My grandparents are BLESSED with 10 girl s for grandkids… Nandi, Natalie, Myself, Chevonne, Zandalee, Nicole, Monique, Beverly, Cecelia and Chelilee oh and how can I forget about their great grandchild Damion.

My grandma was really happy with 10 girls but my grandpa not so happy, he really wanted a boy. And he finally got a great grandson.

Both families get along very well and we all get together for Christmas, Birthday’s or New year’s.

So this is my one big happy family😊💜


30 Day Blog Challenge

IPod is on shuffle and this is my first 10 songs🎵 Day – 11

By this time you know I love music… So this will be easy to blog about. I’m so used to music in the background with everything I do. At work there is always music, when I’m cleaning and when I’m busy blogging I pop in my earphones and just start with the blog.

At first I found blogging difficult, but the more I blog the easier it get💻.

There is a bit of everything on my IPod but I guess it’s mostly Afrikaans music… Growing up my dad likes old school music  from the 80’s so I’m familiar with old school and I kinda like it😊

Okay time to see what’s on my IPod🎶

Afrikaans is my home language so I really enjoy listening to Afrikaans. At wotk it’s always a mixture between Afrikaans and English… As I child I went to church every Sunday and Friday praise and worship was always so much fun. We had different dance moves for all the praise and worship songs. Up until today I remember all the moves and when I’m listening to the praise and worship songs I’ll find myself doing the moves to it… I enjoy it anyway☺☺

Favorite praise and worship songs? Leave them in the comments below…😀



30 Day Blog Challenge

What is my guilty pleasure? Day – 10

This is getting more and more excited as we get closer to number 31 of our blog challenge😁. Lately I think more about stuff and some way I get to learn more about myself… If that makes sense? I really had to think super hard about today’s challenge!

What is my guilty pleasure? Soo my blogging buddy/colleague Miss T don’t like Taylor Swift… Sooo whenever a song comes on from her she will be like ahgggg really and skip her song. And what do I say? Yes I pretend not to like her music.

We have this game we play when we are really board, so basically Miss T will sing 2 or 3 lines from a song and I’ll have to figure out what’s the song. So we play for a Kauai smoothie or Woolworths chocolate milkshake lol… Silly I know but that’s what de Klerk’s do entertain one another😊😀.

So according to Miss T I don’t really know Taylor Swift songs so that’s what she will sing Taylor Swift… I’ll pretend that I don’t know it, but way deep inside I know every word trying so hard not to sing along but then I remember “Oh I don’t like her”😯😊…

50 Shades of Darker… The Zayn and Taylor song I don’t wanna live forver.. Oh my oh my I’m soooooooo opsessed with that song and yes lol this is one of tge song Miss T can’t stand haha…

On my way home from work I’ll put this song on repeat. Over and over again I just can’t get enough…

Like I said before I play music while cleaning… Yes Taylor Swift it is!!

Sorry to break the news via WordPress T…

Don’t forget to check out Born Free With T

Please sharr your guilty pleasure.

30 Day Blog Challenge

If I could have any job in the world what would it be? Day 9

I can’t believe this is Day 9 already, the days go by so fast! This is a tricky one. First of all there is so much I’d love to do for a living but I guess I can only pick one… Something that will make me happy. My dream job would be:

A teacher – yesssss I know why would I pick this one well let me tell you why!

As a child I had so much respect for my teacher the mean and friendly ones! Thinking about it now I never used to like school or some teachers, but there is a reason for that.

Some teachers had favorites and other was loving and caring towards all learners! They helped me in so many ways, what I know today is all because of them. Making an effort to help learners yes that’s their job but some teachers went the extra mile! Now that I’m older thinking back at all the mean teachers I had, there was no way to skip this class or forgot to do homework! That’s the way it’s supposed to be and to be honest I always did good in all the mean teachers classes.

For me to make a difference in someone’s life would be amazing! But not just to get praise for it but simply to be kind and help others. I love children. So for me to be around them most of my day would not be work, that would be more like a hobby!

And just think about the school holidays… Ohhh my word yes! That would be the best ever. Schools in SA have 4 holidays through out the year. Our school year starts in January end in December… 17 days in April, almost 3 weeks in July, a week in October and more than a month in December to January. working ours will be a dream from 8:00-15:00 in most schools, off on public holidays and weekends… yes yes yessssssssssss this is my dream job for sure!

If you like what you do it’s fun not really work… This is something I really want to do!