30 Day Blog Challenge

5 things I can’t live without – Day 8 

8 Done 23 to go… What a day! I’m so glad this day is over and I have something cheerful to focus on for the next 2-3 hours☺. Work was hectic today, that’s why my blog is not done yet😞. But no better way to do my blog, than a long hot bubble bath with so much to blog about!

This is the 5 things I can’t live without:

  • My Bible – This is my daily bread! Where do I run to when I feel lost and confused? God! He walks before me each and everyday! He is the light of my world! I can’t imagine being without my Bible. Also emergency scripts! That’s the best! 
  • My family💑 – Way down deep inside I’m still a child! I do need mommy and daddy when things get to rough or out of hand! These two people understand me in all ways possible! They allow me to free and make my own decisions, but they are first inline to catch me when I fall! As a child they gave me everything, my first car, whatever I needed and ask for! Sometimes I couldn’t wait to be on my own but I miss them so much!!💜💛I can’t thank God enough He truly blessed me with the most amazing parents and family love them with all my heart💕
  • Rudie – Wow where do I begin? For my colleges they picture Rudie as this mean person. But thinking about it now, they only know him of what I told them… Yesss when I need a shoulder to cry on they are always there!! So they know him as this mean person only because I tell the  bad and not the good! Rudie is the most caring person ever! He changed my life in so many ways, I don’t know where to start. We went through a lot over the past few years and I’ll do it over and over again💑… He though me how to love and what love is! There is no words to explain how special he is! I can’t imagine my life without him!!💙💟
  • My JOB – If i don’t have a job I have no income! No income no plans on my future! No apartment with Rudie! No spoiling myself with pretty stuff💄👠👙👝💰💳… No job that means moving back to mommy and daddy. That’s not what my plans are. Being independent is what my dad thought us from high school… That’s what my goal is for them to see I can do this on my own! I must admit sometimes I do complain about my job, but at the end of the day I can say thank God I do have a job! I must appreciate the smaller things in life more!!
  • Finally my Ouma – This women👵. She is the best ever! I admire her in all ways possible! She is strong, a believer and the sweetest granny ever! In the past 21 years she went through a lot and she is still as strong as ever. Nothing will come between her a d being happy! 2 car accidents, over 30 operations losing the love of her life, saying goodbye to brother’s and sister’s and still standing! God blessed me with the best family ever! She is a real granny, she knew I did wrong and still she will cover for me! Truly a heart of gold💖👌. My granny my everything!!

This is what’s important on my day to day! Without these 5 I don’t know what type of person I’d be! But I’m so happy things turned out the way it did!

Miss T – Born free with T don’t forget to check out her 31 day blog challenge!! 


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